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June 20, 2010

i. Download and Install the Windows Client: DroidCam v3.6.

Installation notes:
- You may get a Windows Security warning, asking for your permission to install the Audio Driver – click Install.
- You *may* get a blue screen error (especially on VISTA) – don’t worry, it’s not as critical as it may seem. It’s important to close all programs before installation. This is due to the audio driver.
- If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, you will likely get another warning message, stating that the audio driver is not “signed” and has been disabled. This just means audio will not work, video/webcam should work just fine regardless. The bottom of this post has more info on that.

Important notes:
- You’ll find a shortcut to DroidCam client under Start Menu -> All Programs.
- Chat programs (eg. Skype/Yahoo/MSN/Live) should now recognize “DroidCam” as a webcam.
- If the audio driver didn’t get disabled – you should also be able to pick droidcam as your “microphone”.

- Do not tick all the options in the client!
- Keep Audio disabled unless you intend to use it, otherwise you’re just wasting battery.

ii. Check the connection post to find out the various ways you can connect your phone to the PC.

Audio Driver and 64-bit Windows

Read this if you received a warning after the installation regarding the driver not being signed. If you wish to try out the audio feature, you can temporarily disable driver signing enforcement as follows:
(you may wish to put these down on paper)

1. Restart the computer. When it begins to boot, keep tapping the [F8] key.

2. You will be presented with an advanced Windows start up screen. Use the DOWN arrow key to select the last option: “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”. Press Enter.
DroidCam should now be listed as a microphone.

Unfortunately, you must do this every time you restart the computer.
Others have created various permanent workarounds – you can do some research if you wish.
Why is audio not properly supported?
Waiting on this: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=3434

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