Live stream Android games to YouTube and Twitch (Best Method)

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It feels like yesterday when playing Video Games was for geeks and nerds. No one really talked about it. Around the time the PlayStation 3 and then the first iPhone were announced I used to rock Battlefield 2 on my PC. Minecraft was still in beta..

That was actually 10 years ago, and today Gaming is a big deal. YouTubes biggest channels are gaming related. And with the rise of Twitch and YouTube Live, gaming isn’t geeky or nerdy at all. It’s a full blown social experience. I don’t play video games as much anymore, I do make Android apps..

Ace Screen Stream for Android

If you got a good phone or tablet, running Android 5 (lollipop) or above – live streaming is no longer limited to the PC Master race.
Ace Screen Stream for Android is a full featured live streaming app, with Twitch and YouTube integration built in. You can also stream to any other platform using a custom rtmp URL (which includes your Stream Key, usually).

The app is loaded with features, including:

  • Camera overlay (Facecam), with front and back camera support.
  • Audio capture from microphone.
  • Invisible Hot Corner (magic button) that lets you control the stream without compromising user experience.
  • Draw on the screen, use this to highlight  stuff or offer Tutorials and How To’s.
  • Live chat preview for Twitch and YouTube, letting you interact with viewers.
  • New follower/subs alerts for Twitch/YouTube.
  • Screen mirroring to PC (VLC or OBS) over WiFi or USB!

Install Now

Using the app is super simple, especially if you’ve live streamed before on a PC.  Be sure to go through the in app Tutorial for a quick overview of all the features, and poke around the Settings.



Bonus: Want to Record your gameplay and upload it to YouTube? Then you should definitely check out Ace Screen Recorder on the Play Store.

Live stream Android games to YouTube and Twitch (Best Method)